I Get Knocked Down, but I Get Up Again #MondayMotivation

Where did the weekend go? Seriously, Friday might as well have just skipped right to Monday. I declared this past weekend a lost weekend. My six-year-old was sick on Saturday. I knew something was up when he was up at 6 am, and then didn't want to eat his waffle for breakfast. He pushed his plate away, and then asked if he could go back to bed. Poor Bubs! Hubby spent all day cleaning out our back porch, while I spent all day indoors with the sick boy, and our into everything 10 month-old baby girl. It felt like a normal day to me. The weather was gorgeous, and I longed to be outside, playing in the garden. By the time I went to bed, I felt so tired! I knew that my rest would be minimal, and S would be up shortly after I crawled under the blankets.

Sunday was crazy for us. After a morning spent at church, lunch with my parents, planting some flowers around the house, and then a rehearsal back at church with the ladies group I sing with, I was beat! I came home to a wrecked house, dinner not yet made, neither kid had been fed, the laundry hadn't been started in the wash, Play-Dough was all over the dining room table, lunch hasn't been packed for school the next day, the baby was crying, and I just wanted to turn right around and walk back out the door. I seldom feel like that, but it was so much that was hitting me in the face as soon as I walked through the door- I literally felt like I couldn't breathe. After a bite to eat, everything did eventually get done. The kids got to bed a little later than normal, but they got there. I got to work on my article writing a little later than usual, but the articles got written. 

I felt so knocked down yesterday, I keep fighting this defeated feeling, and I feel like I am in a boxing ring with myself. It's tough. Being someone's wife can be tough, and so can being someone's mom. When you have so many people depending on you for different things all at once, it can certainly feel overwhelming. This picture at the top of the post is of Baby S. She is starting to pull up on everything, and cruise around the furniture. She wants to walk so badly! She is determined to figure it out. She holds onto things as tightly as she can, and sometimes, she slips and falls. She gets knocked down. She might cry for a minute, expressing her frustration, but that never lasts for very long. Moments later, she's back up again, going for it one more time. 

It's Monday- let's go for it again. Are we going to get knocked down this week? Yeah, probably... but we can jump right back up, knowing that we have a hope and a future. Don't let those stumbling blocks keep you down.

Have a great week!

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