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Groundhog Day 2017

Happy Groundhog Day! As you may already know, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning, which means six more weeks of winter.

Groundhog Day has been a time of introspection for quite a long time. Although I could honestly care less if Phil sees his shadow or not (PLEASE DON'T!), seeing the ceremony in person has always been on my bucket list. One of my first memories is sitting on my parent's bed, waiting for him to make an appearance. The ritual seemed so exciting and seeing the large, high energy crowd made a great impact on me. It may seem strange to most, but Groundhog day is the one time a year I think to myself, "Bianca, you are getting old!".

 Every year that goes by is another missed opportunity. Today has been more reflective then others, last year, my mom and I promised each other that 2017 would be the year. She is currently recovering from an injury and I am in the middle of yet another move, making our plan understandably impossible. Both these things along with seeing invitations start to pop up for my 10 year high school reunion have made me realize a lot has changed the past few years. I have three people at home that depend on me, a loving husband who works hard for our family, and many adventures ahead of me. I may be getting older but I'm still not OLD! I'll make it there one day. 

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