Frozen Yogurt for Your Little One #TuesdayTip

Hendrix started on solid food very early; he also started teething early. Because he was in pain, I wanted to give him something cold, like a teether you put in the freezer, but he didn't always want that. 

So I wondered what I could freeze that he would eat. I started putting drops of yogurt on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. 

This is everything I use. I like using his spoons to create smaller drops.

Line the tray with parchment paper. You can use wax paper, but the yogurt tends to stick to it more.

Ready to put in the freezer!

Time to enjoy!

Once they're frozen, I typically transfer them to a bag so they don't get freezer burned. 

Ta-da! Now you have little frozen yogurt drops for your little one to enjoy. An extra bonus to these is they can eat them by themselves. For Hendrix, Mr. Independent, this proved to be a great way to help his teeth feel better and get some calcium and protein. 

What food tips do you have? I'm always looking for new ideas.

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