From One Mom To Another: My Top 3 Tips For New Parents

Lots of people in life aspire to be parents one day. The thought of having a child is amazing, and the feeling of actually having one is even better. But, let’s not lie about this, it can be very hard to be a parent. Especially if you’re having your first child, and have no previous experiences to call upon. 

That’s why I’ve taken some time to come up with my top three tips for new parents. Hopefully, they’ll help you understand some key parental principles, and prepare you for what lies ahead: 

Never Stop Listening To Your Children
From the moment you become a mother, you have to pay attention to your kids. The art of listening really isn’t that hard, and it can tell you a lot about your children. Even when they’re newborn, listening can tell you how they’re feeling, and if they’re happy or sad. As they grow older, listening becomes even more important. You should listen to them when they talk about their day, as it helps you connect with them and learn more about them. Too many parents have no idea what they’re children are up to, when all it takes is good listening skills to understand. 

Always Remember Your Kids Will Change
As a parent, it’s very difficult seeing your children grow up. Part of you is so proud, and you’re excited to see them grow, while the other part wishes they’d stay a cute little baby forever. When your kids grow, they will change. Even when a child goes from being one to two, they’ll change massively. They way they see the world will change, and you need to remember that. You must be ready for change, as it means you have to adjust your parental style. The biggest example of this is when your kid reaches an age where they like exploring. When they’re very little, you protect them from everything and try to keep them in one place. But, when they grow, you must be ready to let them explore a little. It’s about finding the balance between letting go and setting limits for your children. You have to stop being overly strict, and give them some sense of freedom to look around and explore. You’ll run into loads of scenarios like this throughout their life, times where you have to stop caring for them in one way and start caring for them in another. 

Sleep When You Can
When you become a parent for the first time, your world will get turned upside down. One of the biggest shocks to your system will be how messed up your sleep cycle gets. No doubt your child will be crying for many hours during the night, meaning you get very little sleep. So, my advice is to capitalize on any quiet moments and sleep when you can. Even if you have half an hour of quiet, rest your head and go to sleep. It’s hard being a new parent, it’s even harder when you’re running on empty all the time. 

If you’re a new parent, then I hope these tips have been useful for you. Keep them in mind whenever the going gets tough!

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