Fall in Love with LEGO this Valentine's Day: Romantic Valentine Picnic Set #Review #MBPVDGG17

Thank you to LEGO for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

What is the greatest possible gift you could give your child for Valentine's Day? Second only to your own endless love and devotion, the answer is LEGOs! My six-year-old son is completely obsessed with LEGOs. He comes by his obsession honestly... his daddy also loves LEGOs. My husband still has all of his childhood LEGO sets, and B has built up a pretty impressive collection through the six years he has been alive. We started out with LEGO DUPLO, and worked our way up to LEGO Junior, and now we're at the big boy LEGOs. B loves all types of LEGOs- different characters, sets, themes, different skill levels, etc. The kid has never met a LEGO set he didn't totally love.


Speaking of love... LEGOs make awesome Valentine's Day gifts. B keeps a running list of LEGO sets he's like to have (so does my husband!), and I have been looking for cute sets to get him for Valentine's Day. LEGO has so many cool sets out there... I mean, there are so many to choose from! We were sent a cute little LEGO set to enjoy for Valentine's Day, and yes- it's Valentine's Day themed!

The LEGO Romantic Valentine Picnic is the perfect little Valentine's Day gift for your little brick builder!

Is this set not the cutest? B couldn't wait to open it up, and to start putting this set together. He recognized the Valentine's Day theme, and said, 'Mommy, I didn't know they made Valentine's Day LEGOs.' Well, neither did I! We were both pleasantly surprised!

Right after school, B settled in with a snack, and the LEGO Romantic Valentine Picnic set.

This LEGO set came with three small bags of LEGO pieces, and an instruction booklet. We have an entire file of LEGO instruction booklets. They are amazing... they help building challenged individuals like me be able to say, 'Sure honey, I can help you with that. No, we don't have to wait until daddy gets home.' The booklets contain easy to follow instructions, which include step by step pictures! This is perfect for kids, and perfect for this mom!

B doesn't generally need my help putting LEGOs together... he had no trouble with this little set.

Lot's of little LEGO pieces included with this fun set!

I did my part by helping to keep Baby S away from the LEGOs while B was building in the living room. Baby S is very interested in everything her big bro does, and was naturally interested in the brightly colored bricks. B spent about twenty minutes working to put this set together, There were a lot of little pieces, so it took a but of concentration on his part. I was surprised when he didn't ask to put the television on to watch a show after school. He just wanted to build his LEGO, and then play with it. Music to my ears!

The finished product... take a look!

This set is so cute! B was very proud of himself for completing it all alone, and couldn't wait to show it to me. He also enjoyed showing it to his daddy later in the day. The set features a few different mini base plates, which can be put together or moved around to create the picnic scence. B thought the LEGO tree and little flowers were really cool. He even liked the little LEGO fountain, teddy bear, flutes, sparkling juice bottle, and the little treats! The set also comes with two mini figures. 
I'm sure it won't be long before LEGO Batman or the LEGO Ninjago guys show up to the picnic!

LEGO Set and instruction booklet.

This is a winning gift! You really can't go wrong with a LEGO set for a gift for Valentine's Day. B loves all things LEGO- from the sets to the books and other merchandise. A trip to the LEGO Store is a treat for him, and my husband, too! We're even planning a trip to LEGOLAND this summer, and hope to stay in the LEGOLAND Resort. Like I said- the boys in my house love those LEGOs. I love them, too, because it's something that keeps the wheels turning in B's head. He loves to play with LEGOs, rather than watch TV or play video games. This is something that he can bond over with my husband, and something that B will enjoy for many years into the future. If you have a LEGO lover in your life, check this set out & consider gifting it this Valentine's Day! You'll definitely want to add this to your LEGO collection.

Celebrate the season of love with this Romantic Valentine Picnic set, featuring 2 besotted minifigures enjoying sandwiches, cakes and beverages on a heart-shaped lawn beneath the shade of a blooming tree. Also includes a buildable picnic blanket, red balloon, bouquet of flowers and food and drink accessories—everything you need for a romantic picnic! Makes a great seasonal gift for LEGO® fans.

Includes 2 minifigures: a boy and a girl, plus a bird figure.
Features a blooming tree, heart-shaped lawn, bouquet of flowers, red balloon and various buildable accessories and elements, including a picnic blanket, 2 sandwiches, cakes, table, 2 glasses and a bottle.
Measures over 3” (9cm) high, 4” (12cm) wide and 4” (12cm) deep.

Want it? Get it!

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Special thanks to LEGO for allowing me to share about their fun Valentine's Day LEGO set! Look for it in our 2017 Valentine's Day Gift Guide!

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