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Tip Tuesday: DIY Canvas Prints

I made these 11x14" canvas prints of some photos
 our sweet friend took for us to display on our mantle!

I love finding budget friendly ways to decorate around our house! I'm also a big fan of printing pictures! We take more pictures now than ever before but usually they end up in the cell phone picture abyss. Printing large prints can be rather pricey, so I decided to try out this affordable way to make our own canvas prints!

For this project I used 8x10" and 11x14" canvases bought (ON SALE!) from the craft store.  I also used modge podge, craft paint brushes, and acrylic paint.  Lastly, I used a coupon to have some photos developed to matching sizes of the canvases at Walgreens...

I used paint that I have at the house and got a couple supplies from the local craft store!

The first step involved painting the edges of the canvases.  I started off with a gray color but ended up using gold on a few prints to go with the decor in our living room.  You could also use black to get a more classic professional look.

Choose paint color and apply to edges of canvas.

Then I brushed a coat of modge podge and applied the picture to the canvas.  Once dried, I used an exacto knife to clean up the edges.  I then applied a coat of modge podge over the photo and around the edges of the canvas to seal everything together.  

This was a simple way for me to get some of our memories hanging in our house for the fraction of a professional canvas price! 

It may not look just like a professional canvas, but they do look very nice hanging around our house! So if you are looking for a budget friendly way to decorate... print off some memories and give this a try!

Happy crafting!


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