Rain, Rain, Stay And Play! Fun Indoor Activities For Children

School’s out and it’s raining - but never fear! There is plenty to do that doesn’t involve splashing outside in wellies, making mud pies in the garden or having to go out to the shops - inevitably forgetting the umbrella! Being indoors due to the weather can be a challenge and there are plenty of things you and the children can do to make things fun inside. Try some of the following ideas below and watch the time speed away from you while the kids have fun.

Baking is one of the best activities to do on a budget with kids when having a day indoors. Not only can you choose to bake cakes, you can bake and decorate salt dough hand and foot prints and cover them in glitter and paint. Get messy and use the salt dough as decorative gifts for family members: they’ll love it!

Making murals out of hands and footprints in paint is a great sensory idea for small children. Drape the entire room in sheeting and move valuables out of the way, because messy play is about to get far more fun!

Magic cloud dough for making models is something most kids don’t get to experience at home. All you need is cornflour and water with some food colouring and just watch the kid’s faces light up when they make rainbow colours!

If you have old newspaper, PVA glue and balloons, turn papier Mache into a science lesson and make the planets! Make strips out of the paper, dip into glue and stick it to balloons. Get the kids to paint the dried balloons for a homemade solar system.

Prefer not to get sticky and have to do the clean up afterwards? Why not set the dining chairs up with duvets over the top to create a cave! Pretend to be monsters and tell stories in the dark for some imaginative fun.

Having fun by doing crafts with the kids is usually the go-to when it comes to being stuck indoors. It’s no secret that children love to get sticky with gluing, baking and painting and it’s a heck of a lot of fun too! When all these messy activities are worn out and they need some down time (and you need to clear up the mess!) why not have a look online at GetShowboxApp.com and set the kids up with a snack and a movie? It gives you time to sort out any craft mess and it gives them time to get some screen time and watch some fantastic cartoons or Disney movies all snuggled under a blanket. We adults love watching a movie while listening to the rain and that hour or two will really help you to sort the house out.

iPads and tablets are excellent tools for during quiet time as they can keep the kids occupied and having fun. Rainy days can be exciting so instead of wishing it away, wish it to stay and play instead!

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