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Potential Dangers To Your Kids In The Home (And Ways To Make Them Safe!)

It’s always essential to make your property a safe place for your child. After all, so many injuries occur every year in the home which sees moms having to take their little ones to the hospital. And a lot of the time they could have been prevented if the parents had made them safe in the home. Therefore, here are some potential dangers to your kids in the home, and ways to make them safe!

The stairs

It’s so easy for your baby to have a fall on the stairs if you haven’t fitted any baby gate. After all, you could turn your head for one moment and find they have reached the stairs. And then you could end up having to take your little one to A&E. Therefore, you need to get a secure baby gate which will stop your little one getting up and down the stairs. Make sure it’s stable, so there’s no way your kid can get around the baby gate. And once they are old enough, you can remove the gate. But you should still have some safety measures such as handrails to ensure they can safely maneuver the stairs. And make sure that the carpet is in good condition; you don’t want them to have a fall due to the poorly fitted carpet on your stairs!

The fireplace  

A fireplace is a lovely feature for your living room. After all, it can warm up your family during the cold nights in winter. However, it can be a danger to your kids. If you have a traditional wood burner fireplace, they could potentially get burnt from the fire if there is no protection. Therefore, it’s essential you have some kind of fireguard for the fireplace. That way, your child won’t be able to get too close to the fireplace. And it might be wise to consider getting an electric fire instead. They can be a lot safer than other fireplaces to use in your home; check this link for some of the best electric fireplaces around for your family.

The dishwasher 

Appliances in your kitchen could also be a danger to your kids. The dishwasher, in particular, can be very dangerous. For one thing, if you don’t shut the dishwasher properly, your child could end up touching sharp knives and forks. And not only this, but they could end up putting the detergent in their mouth. And this could end up leading to a trip to the hospital. Therefore, make sure it’s closed properly so that your kid can’t get inside. And put all cutlery downwards so they can’t hurt themselves if they did manage to get inside the appliance.

The trash can 

You might not think of the trash can as being a dangerous item in your home. But if it’s left out in the kitchen, your child easily could open the can. And then they could potentially cut themselves on sharp objects which have been put in the bin. Also, they might accidently put rotten food in their mouth which will make them poorly. Therefore, keep the bin inside a locked cupboard in your kitchen. That way, your child can’t end up with an injury!

And remember to keep the front door locked at all times. That way, your little one can’t get out and end up getting lost!

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