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Keep Tiny Hands Warm with Handsocks #Review

Thank you to Handsocks for providing me with product in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

It's been so cold lately! My family was on vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC just last week, and it was very mild. Toward the end of the week, the temps dropped drastically, and we had to cut our trip short by one day and head home early to try to beat Winter Storm Helene. We made it home by 4 pm, right when it started sleeting/snowing. It's a good thing we came home early. We got about seven inches of snow, tons of ice, and were snowed/iced in for three days. Our low one of those nights was 3 degrees! Those are super low temps for us in NC... and that's a cold that our southern bones just aren't used to! Our old house wasn't heating up to anything over 70 degrees, so we were a wee bit chilly during the night. Baby S had on her warmest jammies, but kept waking up with cold hands... then I remembered that I had just gotten a smart and useful new product to try out that just might keep those chilly hands warm on cold nights!

When Virginia Mom Casey Burke Bunn forgot to pack mittens and layers for her daughter, she used a pair of ski socks to keep her hands and arms warm….and the idea for Handsocks was born!

Handsocks are warm, stretchy sleeves with fold over mittens that stay put on your baby and keep their hands warm. I wish I'd had these when S was a newborn. She hated the little baby mitts, and wouldn't keep them on. Handsocks are pretty hard for a baby to pull off. I think they're awesome, and are a must-have for babies!

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We received a pair of Handsocks in Cotton Comfies.

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These adorable handsocks are like leggings for baby's arms... with a fold over cover for the hands.

Handsocks are easy to put on baby. They slide right over their arms, and stay in place. My baby is a wild, wiggly little girl, so we played tug of war for a bit before I got her whole arm through, but once she calmed down, it was smooth sailing.

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Baby S, the perfect little hand model, modeling her Cotton Comfies Handsocks... notice the cover is open.

What I really love about these, is that you can leave them on baby as long as you want or need to, and just flip the covers/mitts over their little hands when you feel it's appropriate. S still has scratchy nails- I have to trim them almost daily, and it can be hard to smooth out the edges. Using the Handsocks at nap time and night time helps prevent scratches. I also sometimes use them when she's nursing so she can't pull my hair, or scratch my boobs. Like I said, she is wild!

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Just flip the mitts over the hands for full coverage! So easy, and so comfy for baby!

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S is equally as happy with or without the Handsocks... they don't bother her one bit.

Handsocks are such a smart product for babies of all ages. They're really a lifesaver for parents and caregivers. They're perfect to use to keep baby from scratching, to keep baby's hands and arms warm, etc. S won't leave baby mittens on when we go out in the cold, so it's Handsocks to the rescue! They're one of those products that I feel like I need to tell all of my mom friends about- they're that useful.

Handsocks are much more than baby/toddler mittens:
Prevents Newborn / Infant Face-Scratching 
Soft Minky Helps Baby to Self-Soothe 
Keeps Hands Warms,  
Fling-proof  (Don't Fall Off) 
Changing the lives of babies with eczema, babies in the NICU (prevents them from grabbing tubes, etc.), and babies with wounds.  
PLUS pee-kaboo hand design makes for a cute fashion accessory!
With each pair of Handsocks sold helps an orphan child in need.

Handsocks was the 2015 Parentreneur Grant Award Winner, and it's easy to see why! These make a wonderful gift for babies, parents, baby showers, stocking stuffers, etc. With Valentine's Day around the corner and winter in full swing, these would be perfect for the little cuties in your life!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Handsocks to shop their limited edition prints and to get them before they're gone! Connect:

Special thanks to Handsocks for allowing us to share our thoughts on their product!

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  1. What a wonderful review and a sweet baby girl! Love love love!! Thank you so much for sharing! We are launching the Handsocks Kickstarter campaign too on Feb 9th with all our fuzzy new prints :) #love #fun #babyobessed


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