First Time Family Ski Trip? Essentials That You Need To Pack

We are all used to packing for a beach trip or a regular vacation. You can pack pretty light as you know that a lot of time you will all be in your swimming suits. But if you are thinking of going for a skiing vacation with your family, then it is a whole different ball game. There are some particular things that you need to pack for a ski trip. Some things can be hired; some things can’t be hired. So you need to know what you should be taking with you. The thing with packing for a ski trip is also that you need to think about the bulk of items. So it can ba tricky to pack last minute. You need to know that everything like helmets and jackets will fit in your suitcase. So take plenty of time in advance to plan your trip.

If you are first time skiers, then look no further. Here are some essentials that you need to take on a ski vacation with kids.


When you are out on the slopes all day, the cold can really get right through you. So you want to layer up as much as you can. Start off with thermals for a base layer and go from there. They should be proper thermals so that their fabric can help to absorb any moisture. That helps you to keep dry and will keep you and your little ones nice and warm. If the moisture doesn’t get absorbed by a base layer, then it will make you all feel cold.  


Along with a ski jacket, salopettes are needed to make sure that you keep as dry from the snow and as warm as possible. Look for ones that are breathable and are fully lined. It helps if they have elasticated ankles inside that will be on the ski boots. Then you can be sure that now snow is getting inside. If your kids are first timers too, then it might be worth looking somewhere like Moncler for kids. They do skiwear for little ones, and some have extra fabric on the knees. It can be pretty useful as an extra layer of protection when they fall.


It is strongly recommended for all children under the age of fourteen to have a correctly fitting ski helmet. It is worth getting them as adults too, especially if you are beginners and more likely to fall over. Many ski resorts will have a hiring facility for helmets, but it can be busy during peak times. So you could consider buying them before you go. As mentioned before, though, they are bulky. So double check that you have room for them.


Most ski resorts will have snowfall overnight and then bright sunshine in the day. As it is bright white snow, the sun can reflect on it and cause vision damage if overexposed to it. So make sure that you all have a good pair of UV protection ski goggles or sunglasses. Goggles are easier to keep on, though.

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