A note to a kind man #Actsofkindness

Dear gentleman at the grocery store,

Yes, you! The one with enough food in your cart to feed a small army (or my sister's four boys) for a week. 

Thank you! 

You had no idea that my family was waiting for me in the car. That we were in a rush to get home because my husband is behind in his class, and has a final to study for. Or that my one year old daughter was crying out of utter exhaustion, after she suddenly stopped sleeping at night. You may have noticed the large bags under my eyes, and disheveled appearance (symptoms of sleepless nights with said one year), but then again- you may not have. 

How were we to guess that only one lane would be open that evening when we decided to go shopping? My quick trip to run into the store for some milk, eggs, and gummy bears could have easily turned into a 30 minute or longer ordeal. Nevertheless, you let me go ahead of you in the line. That small gesture saved me and my family a lot of stress, and means more to me then you will ever know.

Thank you,

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