Spread Warmth & Cheer This Holiday Season with Kristyn Schultz Creative Partner with Initials, Inc. #MBPHGG16

Thank you to Kristyn Schultz, for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts shared below are my own.

When I was growing up, it was highly unusual to find anything with my name on it. I always got really excited anytime something came with those "stickers" that allowed you to do your own professionalization, because that was often the only way an item would have my name on it. Over the years, my name became a little more popular, and now (even though I am 37 years old) every time I see "Vanessa" on anything, I feel downright giddy!

Presented by Kristyn Schultz. MBP Spotlight Sponsor

Recently, I had the chance to work with MBP Spotlight Sponsor, Kristyn Schultz, who is a Creative Partner with Initials, Inc. If you or someone you know has a hard time finding personalized items, you'll definitely LOVE Initials, Inc. 

Meet Kristyn Schultz

Kristyn is a mom to two sweet children, an 8 year old daughter and a 6 year old son. She loves spending time with her kids, and the family enjoys outdoor activities and games together. I have gotten to know Kristyn a bit, through Mommy's Block Party, and I'm certain that if we met in person, we would be instant friends. She is an amazing woman and I am glad I had the chance to work with her on this review!

Initials, Inc. is a family owned company that creates quality personalized products available exclusively through their Creative Partners (what they call their consultants). The company recognizes the uniqueness of every individual and has seen products take on a "personality of their own" once Creative Partners and their customers start the designing process.  

Kristyn sent me a beautiful Charcoal Quilted Throw, personalized with MY NAME! When I opened the package, I was sincerely so overjoyed that the little girl in me sent happy tears down my cheeks!

My beautifully personalized quilted throw- it's as long as my couch!

I love my quilted throw! It is long enough to cover me comfortably (it's as long as the seating part of my couch) and the material is soft and cozy. I will definitely be snuggling up on the couch with it this winter, if I can get it away from whichever daughter might be using it at the time! 

D getting cozy with MY Quilted Throw, playing that she is too distracted to hear me say that my name is on it!

R clearly isn't going to let my name being on it stop her from getting cozy with the Quilted Throw

Now, I do have some slightly disappointing news. The Charcoal Quilted Throw is currently on back order and has an ETA of mid-December. There is a silver lining though, and that is that the RedMocha, and Cream Quilted Throws are still available (along with some other really great products) and awaiting YOUR personalization. 

The East West Pillow would pair nicely with the Quilted Throw
The "Hobo" bag in Sugarplum is going on my Christmas List!

The "Double Dish" is great for someone who is always bringing a dish (or two) to a party! 

Want to Shop Initials, Inc?

Kristyn can help you find a great personalized gift for anyone on your holiday shopping list  and the personalization is always FREE!
Visit Kristyn's website today to browse the catalog or check through the "Our Favorites" section for great gift ideas. If you have some questions, you can e-mail Kristyn and she will gladly assist you. 
Be sure to request to join Kristyn's Initials, Inc. group on Facebook to keep up to date on any upcoming events or sales. 

Special Thanks to Kristyn Schultz for allowing me to share about Initials, Inc. for the holidays with our readers. 

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  1. I love personalized gifts! I will be checking out this site after I leave here.


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