Party with Your Mommy Friends and KinderPerfect #review #MBPHGG16


Thank you to KinderPerfect for the product to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

After playing Cards Against Humanity, the Vota family determined it didn't quite speak to their lifestyle with children. Everyone wants something to relate to, right? They started creating their own cards for Cards Against Humanity. Because everyone loved the cards, they created a whole deck of their own. KinderPerfect was born after many donations and support.

I was thrilled to receive this game, especially as a new mom. 

I decided to play with my mommy friends, all who are first time moms. We laughed so hard we cried. Parents of kids of all ages will relate, laugh, and cry while playing this game. I most love that the game encourages parents to laugh about the absurdities of parenting. Sometimes it is difficult to remember to just laugh at certain things instead of becoming frustrated. Thank you, KinderPerfect for the laughs.

Want it? Buy it!

Amazon has it for sale for only $24 and free shipping if you're a Prime member. Buy it, gather your friends, and have a wonderful evening full of laughs. 

Happy holidays, all!

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