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Thank you to Kim with Max & Madeleine for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.

When I had my daughter N, I decided to switch to all natural beauty products. N loved to cuddle after nursing, and I hated that I could smell my antiperspirant on her delicate skin when she would wake up from a nap. I had heard that the aluminum-based antiperspirant had been linked to health problems (such as breast cancer and Alzheimer's), so that was the first product to go. Soon, my beauty routine consisted of very few ingredients; baking soda, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, castile soap and deodorant. I felt great about not using any harmful chemicals, but needed to get out of this rut! 

Max & Madeleine is the result of two moms, Melissa Moritzand and Carolynn Mowen, who needed safe skincare options for their children. Both of Melissa's sons, Dean and Max, have food and chemical sensitivities where most products cause extreme allergic reactions. Carolynn's daughter, Madeleine, has sensitive skin that needs extra TLC. After a lot of frustration looking for products, the two women decided to take matters into their own hands.

"At Max & Madeleine, we truly understand that what you put on your skin is as important as what you put in your body. That is why we are on a mission to give our customers only the best products that are pure, non-toxic, and nutrient-rich. We also value transparency as we list ALL ingredients on our labels. Our products are crafted with organic ingredients when possible and are made right here in the USA. We do not use any harmful ingredients in our products, ever. That’s our promise."

I was excited when Kim, one of the founding advisers of Max & Madeleine, contacted me to do this review! I had never heard of the company before, but loved that they carry products for the whole family and take all the guesswork out of shopping for safe skincare. After much deliberation, I choose the Mom-To-Be Gift Set. No, I'm not a mom-to-be, but the products seemed like they would be great for anyone : )

Ingredient list for the soap- simple but effective 

My gift set came right before Thanksgiving, and the timing couldn't have been better! This was my first year cooking the entire meal, and the girls did not make it easy on me. I chose the lavender scent, which provided some much-needed stress relief.  

This stick packs a punch

Breathe Balm
This balm features a mix of antiseptic and antibacterial essential oils that help to ease the symptoms of a cold; relieves congestion, headache pain and boosts immunity. I didn't have a cold to test the decongestive properties (thank goodness!), but I can attest to this stick working wonders on a headache. I'm breastfeeding and prefer not to take any pain-relievers, so being able to dab this on my temples and experience relief was a miracle! No one likes cooking with a Headache. 

A little goes a long way

Healing Balm
The Healing Balm is my favorite product out of the set. Me and my girls have very dry skin in the winter, and this relieves pain, hydrates, and protects. After applying, your skin feels soft, not sticky or slimy like most lotions and creams. With so many dishes to clean, my hands were looking pretty rough! Luckily, this came to the rescue.

Goes on clear- no white residue 

Lavender Deodorant
I have tried many natural deodorants and was really impressed by Max & Madeleine's. Usually I need to order extra-strength products, so I was worried this wouldn't be strong enough. I had no issues at all! I stayed fresh after running around the grocery store and countless hours in the kitchen. I love that it's so smooth and feels cool after applying. 

*If you have never used an all natural deodorant, you may experience some redness after the first few applications. This is simply your body detoxing from the previous chemicals in antiperspirant. Most people will not have any reaction*

Check out those suds! 

Organic Bar Soap
This soap creates a nice, thick lather. It works amazing as a hand or body soap, it leaves your skin feeling clean but not dry. You can tell that the essential oils used in their products are top quality, they all smell amazing!

Treat yourself

Honey Lemon Lavender Sugar Scrub
After three days of non-stop shopping, cooking, and toddler wrangling I was ready to relax! This sugar scrub turned my shower into a spa. It has a thick consistency and as you rub it onto your skin the sugar gently exfoliates then dissolves. After rinsing, it leaves your skin feeling super soft. 

I decided to surprise my husband with a foot treatment after dinner. I soaked his feet, massaged with the scrub, rinsed, then applied the Healing Balm. He was in heaven! 

Our Mom-To-Be Gift Set is perfect for the new mom. This gift set includes our Deodorant, Organic Bar Soap, Breathe Balm, Healing Balm and Sugar Scrub. Choose one of our three packages; Lavender, Citrus or Sugar & Spice

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Gift Set for your Teen including our WASH!cleanser for teens, HYDRATE! moisturizer for teens and BANISH! spot treatment for teens

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This lovely assortment of products is just what I needed to get out of my beauty rut, and make it through Thanksgiving craziness. It would make a wonderful gift for anyone looking to make a switch to all natural products, or an expecting mother. All the products are also available to purchase separately.

If you're passionate about non-toxic products and are looking to make some extra cash, Max & Madeleine is now looking for consultants . Normally the starter kit is $99 but they are running a special until December 15th where it is only $69 to join. There are less than 400 consultants, so it's a wonderful ground floor opportunity! Contact Kim for more information.

Want it? Get it!
Visit Kim's personal shop to order these great products and discover many more!

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Special thanks to Kim and Max & Madeleine for allowing me to share about their awesome line of skincare products! 


  1. I love natural products and am always trying new things! Will have to check out the headache stick!

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