Is Your Home Ready For Winter? Let's Find Out

Winter isn’t coming, it’s definitely already here! If you look out the window right now you might see a wonderful layer of frost on the grass. Perhaps there is even a sprinkling of snow on the mountains near your home. My question is this. Are you prepared for what winter brings? Usually, that’s high energy bills, expensive home costs, property damage and the complete neglect of your garden.

 Say Goodbye The Yard 

 Through winter we stop looking after the garden. But we can take some measures to stop the damage being too severe. For instance, if you have some plants that you’d like to keep healthy you can shelter from the winter winds. Make sure you cut your grass as short as possible before you abandon it as well. Remember, your grass won’t grow much through winter. But you want it to look as neat and tidy as possible before you let it go. 

 Avoid Property Damage 

 Are you worried that high winds and heavy snow could damage your property? There’s an easy fix here. You just need to make sure that you are getting an inspection of your home before the winter season. That way you can check for any problems that could arise and cause issues. For instance, a hole in the roof can be a nightmare during this time of year. 

 Reduce Energy Usage 

 Energy bills always rise through the winter months. There’s virtually no way to avoid this. When the temperature drops, you need to spend more energy on keeping your home warm. However, you can prepare to cut costs for next year now by investing in a solar panel. When the sun is out, a solar panel will allow you to create your own energy. Don’t forget it can be very sunny even in the middle of winter. The infographic below has more details on this possibility.

Infographic produced by Semper Solaris

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