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Thank you ThinkFun for sending me product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared below are my own.

Growing up, some of my most favorite holiday gifts were games. I treasured each board and card game we received because I knew that even though Mom was super busy (she was a working single mom with 4 girls, just to paint the picture) she always made time for family game night. I have  many fond memories of our family game nights around the table or, at times on the living room floor. Now that I am a parent, I love creating Family Game Night memories with my own daughters.

Recently, we had the chance to work with ThinkFun, the world's leader in addictively fun games that stretch and sharpen your mind. We received 3 great games and Matt, the girls, and I cannot wait to make some great FGN memories with them. 

Balance Beans: Recommended for ages 5 and up, Balance Beans is a one player game, but we can make it work for our family of 4. This is a logic game and math game all in one. You use a challenge card to arrange the red beans and then carefully place the blue, yellow, and orange beans on the seesaw to keep it from teetering. When you balance the seesaw, you are also balancing equations. Since one of D's favorite subjects is math, I am sure this game is going to be played quite often. Balance Beans was recently named a winner in American Specialty Toy Retailing Association's (ASTRA) 2016 Best Toys for Kids list and is available online at Amazon, online and in store at Target, and at neighborhood toy stores. 

Clue Master: Recommend for ages 8 and up, Clue Master is another one player game, that might be a little more challenging to play together during family game night, but I have a feeling D might be okay with that. This game encourages players to use deductive reasoning to help Tippy the dog return to his dog house. Tasks in the game include placing Tippy's bones, tennis balls, and food bowls in the correct order (kind of like a Sudoku puzzle) to unlock the secret door. This game has D's name all over it, but R might be a little young to play alone. Clue Master is available exclusively at Target, both online and in stores.


Yoga Spinner: Recommended for ages 5 and up, Yoga Spinner is a 2+ player game, and will be perfect for us on Family Game Night! This game simultaneously stimulates and calms the mind while encouraging teamwork and physical activity. A player gives the spinner a whirl, chooses the corresponding card and performs the pictured pose to win the pose card. To win the game, players will need to collect a card from each of the 4 categories of yoga poses. Both D and R love yoga, so I think this game will be great fun and cause fits of laughter as Matt and I try to perform some yoga poses. Yoga Spinner was recently the recipient of an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Award and a National Parenting Product Award (NAPPA) and is available online at Amazon, online and in store at Target, and at neighborhood toy stores. 

How To Play Yoga Spinner

Want Them? Get Them!

In addition to the great games I shared above, ThinkFun has many other games that are budget friendly and would make great gifts this holiday season. Here are just a few that we'd love to add to our game night rotation:

a-ha! Brainteaser Kit
 "a-ha! Brainteaser Kit"

Escape The Room
"Escape the Room:Mystery at the Stargazer's Manor"


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Special Thank You to Cristina Lucas and the ThinkFun family for the chance to share these great products with our readers this holiday season! 

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  1. These do look fun. I'm not sure I could do the Yoga game, lol. But kids would have fun with it.


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