Gift Ideas For Gadget Lovers

The Christmas countdown is officially on, and the annual pressure to find loved ones a gift they will adore is upon us again. It can be tricky, but there’s one kind of gift that always goes down well, and that’s gadgets. They’re commonly aimed at men and feature in men’s gift guides, but actually, most of us are mad about technology. Anything that syncs up to our beloved computers, tablets or smartphones is always going to be a hit. Here are a few of the gadget ideas 

Everyone needs a good pair of headphones. They allow you to go into your own little world, listen to music, watch movies and use your device without disturbing anyone else. Whether they’re for a music obsessed teenager, a parent or a partner, you can’t go far wrong gifting a nice pair of headphones. There’s a lot to consider these days when buying a pair- should they be wireless, in ear, over ear, Bluetooth? If you’re not sure, a review site like can help you to narrow it down.

Fitness Tracker
New year’s resolutions are right around the corner. If you have a fitness fanatic in your life or someone who’s just looking to get a little healthier in 2017, then this could be the way to go. Many syncs right up to your smartphone, giving you helpful graphs and charts on things like your activity level, a number of steps taken and number of hours slept. Having this kind of information is useful as it allows people to know where they need to make a change and makes it easier to set realistic goals. If your budget is a little bigger, you could treat your recipient to a smartwatch instead. Find out if they use apple or android before deciding which one to purchase, so you know the one you buy is able to hook up to their phone. 

Smart Speaker
The Amazon Echo is a gadget that lots of people have on their wishlist this year. It’s essentially a ‘smart speaker’ its voice commanded, and you can use it to search the internet, play music and loads more. You can even hook it up to other smart devices in your home and turn them on and off. Other companies are putting out their versions of this too, while there are some that are still in the pre-order phases there are others you can buy in time for Christmas. Reviews from a site like can be helpful and give you ideas about what to look for.

The drone craze is still going strong, and is a great gift idea for someone who used to like things like remote controlled cars and planes in their youth! You can find them relatively cheaply, and they go all the way up to much more expensive models, so you won’t be short on choice. 

Will you be buying any gadget Christmas gifts this year?


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