CuteGirl Cosmetics- For the Little Lady Who is Always in Mom's Makeup #Review #MBPHGG16

Thank you CuteGirl Cosmetics for providing me with product, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts shared below are my own.

I don't really remember doing it, but I am certain that I played in my Mom's makeup when I was a little girl. Both of my daughters love playing with my makeup (they usually ask first) and it seems like it's a rite of passage for little girls to play in Mommy's makeup. However because my girls are still so young, playing in my makeup is usually reserved for super special occasions.

We recently had a chance to work with CuteGirl Cosmetics and learn more about their realistic looking pretend makeup collection. If you know a young one who is always in Mom's makeup bag, you are going to want to keep reading. 

R received the "Arrow" Set and she was so excited. I was feeling a little concerned that she wouldn't have too much interest in the set once she realized it was not real, especially since we have plenty of the real stuff in the house. I was so wrong! As soon as she opened the package and saw what was inside, she was hooked. 

Pretend Makeup "Arrow" Set
The Arrow Set (photo from CuteGirls website)

Painting Her Nails

Powdering Her Face

Time for Some Bronzer

So far, R has given a makeover to every person who has come to the house. She spends so much time giving makeovers to her dolls and has not asked to use my makeup once. I love that she is enjoying it so much and I get a big kick out of watching her use it. The faces she makes are priceless. 

Carefully Applying Her Own Eyeshadow

She Loves the Soft Makeup Brushes

Want It? Get It!

Thanks to our friends at CuteGirl Cosmetics, MBP readers can receive 10% off of their order and free shipping with the code EARLY10 at The CuteGirl Cosmetics website.
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These sweet little gift sets are sure to delight the mini makeup maven(s) in your life and would make a great holiday gift. In addition to the sets, you can opt to purchase individual makeup items and accessories.  

Pretend Makeup "Petite" Set
The "Petite" Set
Pretend Makeup Deluxe Set
The "Deluxe" Set

Pretend Makeup "Hearts" Set
The "Hearts" Set

Special Thanks to Daniel and Dave for allowing us to review and share CuteGirl Cosmetics with our readers!


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