Booyakasha! Cool Gifts for Little TMNT Fans from Jakks Pacific #MBPHGG16

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What's the hottest craze in kids TV right now? You got it- TMNT. I remember watching the original TMNT when my sister and I were little, and you can bet I had my favorite turtle out of the bunch. It's 20+ years later, and now my own little guy loves TMNT. Granted, the show is different, the story and the characters are mostly the same. B loves TMNT so much that he's asked for a lot of TMNT stuff for Christmas. He has so many little toys with little pieces, so I was looking for something a little bit different when it came to a TMNT toy this year.

JAKKS Pacific toys

Jakks Pacific has the hottest toys for gifting this holiday season. From Disney Princess toys to TMNT and Star Wars, they have all of your child's favorite characters in fun toys that they'll love to play with all year long. There are lots of cool toys available for preschoolers on up.

One of the hottest toys of the year is the TMNT Skateboarding Mikey RC toy by Jakks Pacific. This toy is the bees knees! It has so many cool features, and will have little TMNT fans jumping for joy on Christmas morning!

Check out the TMNT Skateboarding Mikey R/C toy!

B's favorite turtle is Mikey. He was Mikey for Halloween, and loves to play dress up and pretend he's Mikey, too. He knows all of Mikey's catchphrases, and thinks the orange turtle is funny, and super cool. The Skateboarding Mikey toy is a remote controlled toy, with a skateboard and Mikey figure. Mikey sits atop the skateboard, and your child controls the skateboard with the easy to use remote control.

Skateboarding Mikey toy comes with Mikey figure, skateboard, and remote control.

The remote control is a cool design with Mikey's Nunchucks, and the top of a sewer lid!
The remote is easy to use, and the toy does come with instructions for use. The remote has a simple on/off switch, and a red light to indicate whether or not it's turned on. The toys is geared toward ages 4+, so this is just right for little hands, and for kids who are JK-K age.

Mikey's awesome skateboard!

Skateboarding Mikey figure.

Instructions for mom and dad!

The toy does take batteries, but they're included with the toy remote, but not the skateboard. You might want to be sure to have extras on hand, though- just in case. Just put the batteries in, and your kiddo will be ready to watch Mikey do all sorts of flips and tricks with his skateboard. There are 20 phrases that Mikey says throughout his stunts, and if he wipes out, he gets right back up. No worrying about having to place Mikey back on the skateboard! This is great- it means far less tears from little ones when Mikey inevitably wipes out on his board.

The self-rising action makes this toy even cooler!

Mikey does turns, spins, flips and more on this cool skateboard, which your child can control with the push of a button!

Perform radical stunts like 360's, 720's, 1-foot spins and wheelies

Using self-righting action, Mikey can get up and go after falling over by using the remote's spin button Includes 20 of Mikey's most iconic catchphrases from the TMNT animated series
Mikey attaches to the skateboard easily with a one-time snap on Includes Mikey, skateboard, remote control and instruction sheet
Requires five C batteries (not included) and two AA batteries (included) for operation
For indoor use - works best on hard surfaces such as wood, tile and concrete

If your kids love TMNT, this is the toy for them! Give them a fun holiday surprise by giving them the amazing TMNT R/C Skateboarding Mikey!

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Jakks Pacific to take a look at all of their cool toys this holiday season, Look for TMNT Skateboarding Mikey at Target, Walmart, and Amazon. Connect with Jakks Pacific on Facebook and Twitter.

Special thanks to Jakks Pacific for allowing me to share about their cool TMNT Skateboarding Mikey this holiday season. Look for it in our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide!

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