Work off that Thanksgiving Dinner #fitness

Did any of your tables look like this yesterday?  I know ours did and I am still stuffed the day after Thanksgiving.  And this is just the beginning of all the delicious holiday treats.  I am thinking ahead to ways to get exercise in during this busy time.  My family used to gather at my grandparents home before they passed away and after lunch everyone went into the huge backyard and raked leaves.  I'm telling you, that was an exhausting workout.  It helped with the filling so over full feeling.  Our Thanksgiving days are different now, but it's still nice to get out and move after our meal.  We are usually at the beach for Thanksgiving and have a great area for walking and bike riding.  Aiden could ride for hours with his beach buddies and my mom and I just like to walk along.  The guys can sometimes be found tossing a football around.  Whatever it is that you do, it's good to move and be active.  What do you do after your Thanksgiving meal?  Just think....if you work of the 1st meal, there is room for the 2nd one!!

Enjoy this time and your family and friends!

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