Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Prepping for the Holidays

Happy Saturday! It's the first weekend of November and this Mom is thinking that it's time to start prepping for the upcoming holidays.
I've already started the shopping, but today it's time to focus on the cleaning and decorating. I don't have too much in the way of fall/Thanksgiving decorations, but I would like to figure out where we are putting our Christmas tree (and actually put it up) before the week before Christmas. We struggle with tree placement each year because our living room is on the small side. We would just put the tree in the same place every year, but with our small living room, we move the furniture around often in an attempt  to "make the most" of our living space and the spaces we have used in the past are just not readily available to use this year. 

Image result for holiday decorations
I'd Love a Christmas Setup Like This! Photo Credit: HGTV

I really wish I could hire an interior decorator and someone to help me organize. I sincerely need the help! In the meantime, if you have suggestions, please feel free to leave them in the comments. 

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