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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- 3 Day Weekends and the Movies

Happy Saturday! We are celebrating another 3 day weekend at Wigglesworth Manor, since yesterday was Veterans Day (a special thank you to our heroes) and the girls had no school.

Yesterday, the girls spent a lot of time being creative. Reese was walking around "solving mysteries" and Drew was making movies! After lunch, we went to see the movie "Trolls", with some friends. The movie itself was cute and I LOVED all the songs. The girls really enjoyed it as well, so if you have the time this weekend, I suggest heading to the movies.

Today, I think is just going to be a bit of a lazy Saturday. By lazy, I mean that we have no set plans, but I am sure something will come up. If not, well I am not opposed to having a "pajama day". 

I hope that you enjoy your weekend! 

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