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Tis the Season to Do for Others #actsofkindness

The seasons are changing, the election is over, and the holidays are fast arriving. It is easy to be nearsighted because the stress of the time of year can get to us. 

I know sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with the busy calendar, but I always feel better if I do something kind for someone else. 

Here are 10 things you could do today to make someone else's day brighter: 

1. Smile. ( I know this sometimes seems so simple, but I have been on the receiving end and sometimes it is all one needs.)

2. Donate (time or money) to a charity or cause you support. 

3. Rake leaves or do yard work for an elderly neighbor. 

4. Buy a spouse, friend, or favorite teacher a delicious beverage. (As a former teacher, this is much appreciated. This time of year is challenging for educators, too.)

5. Call a parent or grandparent just to say hi. 

6. Make cards or decorations for a local nursing home. 

7. Work a local food pantry. 

8. Buy the next person's order in the drive thru.

9.  Take a meal to someone in need. 

10. Babysit someone's kids for free so they can have a much needed night out. 

Every day we need to show each other kindness. 

How do you spread kindness?

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