Tips for Surviving Thanksgiving Travel by Car

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If you're one of the millions of Americans who will take to the roads this Thanksgiving to travel over the holiday weekend, you may be dreading the very thought of it. Traveling by car over a busy holiday doesn't have to strike fear in your heart, or send you into a blind panic. Smart planning can lead to a stress-free and successful holiday trip.

The number one thing you can do to help with your holiday travel plans, is to map out your trip ahead of time. Don't wait until the day before you leave for your trip to make your travel plans. A few weeks ahead of time, check out alternate routes to main Interstates and highways. There may be other roads you can travel that will keep you out of the lines of traffic, though be aware- they may tack on extra travel time. It's best to have a couple of different travel options mapped out on a physical road map (in case you lose GPS signal), and through your GPS- stand alone or via your smartphone.

Consider the timing. Regardless of how long it'll take you to make it to your destination, don't wait until late in the day to leave for your trip. Around 3 PM on the Wednesday (day) before Thanksgiving is when may people choose to hit the road. If at all possible, leave mid-morning, or as close to noon as you can. Beating the traffic is a smart way to travel. Be sure to look ahead on the GPS maps for possible problem areas on the road. Advanced maps will show you areas of construction where there might be the possibility of encountering slow-downs.

Pack lightly. Even if you're traveling by car, it's a good idea to take as little with you as possible. In the event of an accident or unforeseen circumstances, you may find yourself having to vacate your car. The less belongings you have to bring along with you (if you have to change vehicles), the better. Make sure bags are light, and that things are clearly labeled. You'll also want to be sure to travel with an emergency kit. It's not impossible to encounter a winter storm over the Thanksgiving holiday, and no one wants to end up stranded on the road without necessary provisions.


Know where you want to stop along your travel route. Are there certain sights you want to see along the way of your trip? There might be some holiday events that your family wants to check out on your way to or back from your destination. Taking a little detour can give you a nice break from the monotonous drive. Your family might enjoy an afternoon checking out the Christmas Express Trains on the East Troy Railroad in Mukwonago. You can take a train ride with the family to Santa's Workshop, enjoy photos with Santa, have steaming hot cocoa, Christmas cookies, and more! Tickets are $17.50 for children 0-12, and $15.00 for ages 12+. This event runs through December 18th.

Your holiday weekend travel can be a fun and enjoyable time for your family. Plan ahead and work in some special holiday magic to make room for making memories with your loved ones.

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