Talkin' Bout My Generation #MotivationalMonday

Do you ever randomly hear a song on the radio, and you think, 'Wow, I haven't heard that song in forever! I used to love that song!' This was me the other day. My hubby came home and had synced Savage Garden up on our Heos speaker through Spotify. I immediately flashed back to high school, and could remember listening to their songs in my car with my friends. I said, 'Wow- what year was this song out, 1999?' Hubby looked it up and replied, '1997!' That song is twenty years old! How is it that I am looking back on songs that are that old? I have a six-year-old (pictured with me above) and a seven-month-old... how did that happen?

This is a pretty funny clip from my favorite show, Parks and Rec. Pretty much sums up how I feel!

I am 33. Most days, I can't remember how old I am. Things that happened ten years ago seem like they just happened a few weeks ago. Where did my youth disappear to? I love looking back on those memories. I often associate certain memories with certain songs... don't you? I could sit around, feeling depressed about the fact that I will soon be 35 (how did this happen!?), but honestly, I am glad for it. I am in the prime of my life, and I know that the best years are the ones I am living now, and the ones that (God willing) are to come. I have so many amazing memories- I'll hold onto those forever. I thank God that I am able to make new amazing memories with my family each and every day. They might drive me crazy, but I love them so much!

In twenty years, I'll be 53. I probably won't flash back to the music of today, because I honestly don't listen to it. I listen to the old stuff- it's what I like. The point? Live for today, enjoy the memories of the past, and look to the future. Thank God that there is a future, filled with hope, and the promise of tomorrow.

What are some of your favorite songs that are 10+ years old? Tell us in the comment section!

Have a great Monday!

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