Special Moments #WordlessWednesday

I don't normally allow Baby S to have her brother's toys... but when I saw that she had taken to this little bear, I knew that there was a reason why, and I hated to take the bear from her. This is Freezie Bear, and Freezie Bear belongs to her big bro, B. B loves this bear... he sleeps with it, and loves to cuddle with it in the mornings before school. S also loves Freezie Bear, because it's B's bear. It smells like him, and she loves to hug and nurse on this bear. I think it's so sweet that she wants the bear because it reminds her of her big brother. Big brother doesn't even mind sharing it with her... as long as he doesn't know she's drooling on it!

I love my babies, and I love these precious moments!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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