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Calling all Zombie lovers! Is your family obsessed with zombies? It seems that our culture today surely is, with popular TV series, apps and games, and those famous downtown Zombie Walks. I'm not sure when B discovered zombies. Hubby and I aren't really into them, no do we watch The Walking Dead or anything like that. So imagine my surprise when my six-year-old started asking for zombie toys, or stared pointing out zombie products during Halloween season. I'm not too keen on the zombie scene, but finally found some tame and even cute age appropriate zombie toys that B can have fun with.

WhatNot Toys is the greatest new toy company to hit planet Earth!
Founded by Bob Grey and other toy industry luminaries, WhatNot’s mission is to search the globe to find the best new toys and collectibles and share them with kids of all ages in North America and beyond.

The first to hit shelves will be the creepy Zomlings and the adorable members of the Kitty Club! Check back soon for Vanessa's review of the Kitty Club Toys!

We were excited to receive all of these fun goodies from WhatNot Toys: Zomlings In the Town collection.

I have never seen a kid more excited over a grouping of toys. B had no idea what Zomlings in the Town were, but he couldn't wait to find out! Our package contained a play set, a trick house, and lots of mystery packs! B couldn't wait to tear into these Zomlings toys to see what they were all about, and I have to admit- I was curious, myself.

The little play set is pretty cute- for being little zombies.

The Zomlings in the Town set that we received came with three towers, one house, and four Zomlings characters. There are over 100 Zomlings to collect! All of the Zomlings have names, and you can actually keep track of which ones you've received on the WhatNot Toys website. You can even create your own Zomlings wishlist!

The Zomlings in the Town Magic Trick Hotel is a must-have add-on to your Zomlings collection!

Mystery Zomlings! 

Are your kids obsessed with mystery packs? Mine is! He loves mystery packs, and honestly, they make amazing stocking stuffers. B will probably receive some mystery packs in his stocking this Christmas... maybe even some Zomlings ones! Each mystery pack contains a Zomlings character... you never know which one you're going to get, which is what makes the mystery pack so much fun!

Here's a look at some of the Zomlings figures in their towers and house... they are tiny!

It's hard not to think that the Zomlings are cute. They are little creatures that have been zombified. They are super tiny, and a lot of fun to play with. The little town pieces can be quickly set up to build your own Zomlings town. B had so much fun setting up his town, and playing with his Zomlings. He pomptly asked for more Zomlings, so he could build a bigger and better town.

Zomlings, just hanging out at their houses! Aren't they cute?

The Magic Trick Hotel is so much fun! Now you see the Zomling...

...and now you don't!

The Magic Trick Hotel has a secret door, which makes the Zomling disappear when you shut the box. Just close and open it again, and the Zomling reappears... magic! B loves this trick toy, and loves showing it to his friends, and especially his baby sister. It's pretty neat!

So tiny... a little rock star Zomling, which is B's favorite Zomlings character by far.

The Zomlings are cute and cool, and I don't mind B having a little zombie fun with them. You can collect the different play sets to build up your Zomlings town, and then collect all of the 100+ Zomling characters to build a collection! We think the Zomlings are sort of silly and cute, and they are loads of fun. The Zomlings in the Town entertained B all day when he had a day off from school recently (which I was thankful for!).

The Zomlings in the Town toys would make great holiday gifts or stocking stuffers! Be sure to check them out!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to WhatNot Toys to browse all of the Zomlings products and to meet the Zomlings! You can also find out where you can purchase Zomlings near you!
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Special thanks to WhatNot Toys for allowing us to review and share about Zomlings in the Town this holiday season, Look for Zomlings in our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide!

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