Make it a Hot Breakfast with Maypo

Thank you to our friends at Homestat Farm for bringing me back to memory lane and sending me their Maypo breakfast line, for free, in exchange for my honest review.  These are my thoughts and feelings... please forgive the trip back 20+ years ago.

My mom always said breakfast was the most important meal of the day.  Once I had my own family I realized just how much that is true.  Without a balanced breakfast it is hard to concentrate and keep energized throughout the day.  Being a working mom cereal or a bagel is a typical breakfast in my house Monday through Friday as we rush to make it to school on time and then off to work.  The weekends are my time to cook a nice big and hot breakfast.  Oatmeal is a staple in my house... as I am sure it is with most people.  When I was approached about doing this review I felt like I had stepped back in time.  Maypo was around in the 1950's and before my time, but oatmeal is oatmeal right?  Wrong!  I have a ton of instant oatmeal in my house and none of it tastes as good as Maypo does.  For an instant oatmeal, the taste is anything but instant.  
I tried the maple oatmeal with quinoa first and was very impressed with the smooth taste and a texture very close to slow cooked oats.  With easy to follow directions, this instant oatmeal is cooked on the stove or microwave in under 10 minutes.  With the winter months coming up a hot breakfast during the week with not only fill you, but keep you warm from the inside out. 

Want it? Get it!  
Please visit their Facebook or their website for full product information and a list of locations to get your Maypo. 

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