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I tried it... and "It Works" #MBPHGG16

I recently had the opportunity to check out "those crazy wrap things". Have you heard of them? I'm sure you have. I have a few friends that are reps, but just hadn't found the time or opportunity to use them yet. Christin Ingold Funderburk offered to send me a trial pack that I could use totally guilt-free to see what I thought of them. Basically the wraps act as a firming and tightening agent. Pick an area of your body and apply the wraps for a bit then remove and check out the results... I'm not gonna lie, I was skeptical. This mama has birthed 4 boys, and has a fairly unhealthy obsession with all things cheese and carbohydrate related. My tummy has seen much better, flatter, days to say the least.

Nice Simple Packaging... What's Inside??

So my wraps arrived and I was touched to find a super sweet note from Christin with some tips about wrapping, and what to expect. It seems the most important part of this process is hydrating. Which is really always the most important part of any process.

Now it's time to wrap. The instructions said to only apply for 45 minutes the first time. I was pretty surprised by the scent of the wraps. I knew there were a lot of different herbs and vitamins in them, but had no idea how jam packed full they were. It makes sense why you would only want to leave it on for a short time.

Each wrap is individually packaged for a single use.

It was a little awkward on the first try. My stomach is definitely my saggiest and most problematic area, so that's what I applied to. I probably should have had someone on hand to help wrap it tighter, but it was fine on my own. I could immediately feel a tingling sensation. One thing that was really nice was the fact that I was able to throw clothes on over top of the wrap and continue on throughout my day.

Here is my "before" Wrap 1... Hold your laughter please.

I learned after the first wrap, that they are not as fragile as they look and you can definitely get them on tighter than this.

Even moms who are busy with magic wraps need to make dinner, so convenient to throw clothes on over these babies!

And onward to making dinner. At this point I was a bit itchy, but not uncomfortable. Once I got used to the scent of the wrap, I almost forgot I had it on. After 45 minutes I was pretty darn curious to see what was going on under all of that tingling.

My "after" wrap 1.

After removing the wrap, I was a little bit red, I already know that I have fairly sensitive skin so this was to be expected. There was sone additional vitamins left over from the wrap and the instructions said to rub them into the skin. The most immediate difference I saw and felt was how smooth the skin on my stomach felt, and how much tighter the skin felt as well. One thing that I know I didn't do enough of was drink water during the actual wrap process. So I made myself a mental note to drink up during wrap #2.

Admittedly, I completely forgot a "before" wrap 2 picture. But overall the experience was smoother for me the next day. I was able to get a tighter wrap job done, and there was much less tingling. I ended up forgetting that I had it on and left it on for over an hour. I also remembered to keep refilling my seltzer water before during and after the wrap.

Experience =Tighter Wrap!

"After" Wrap 2

After this one, I had no redness at all. I noticed even more firming in the skin on my stomach. Less jiggling also haha. I asked my hubby and sister and they thought they could see a difference in my waistline as well.

Day 3 and onto Wrap 3. I was feeling that I was becoming an expert on this whole wrap process. Not only that, but I was loving the firmer less squishy tummy I had going on!

"Before" Wrap 3
I *may* have possibly gorged on some nachos before this wrap... Don't judge me haha.

This time I had my whole bottle of seltzer handy, and I completely forgot to take the wrap off for almost 2 hours. This was definitely the way to go.

"After" Wrap 3

After this wrap, I felt great! My skin was feeling firmer and tighter than it has in years. And I could see where the water weight was coming off in my waist area.

For a general skeptic like myself, I have to say that I am now a believer that "It Works". I know that this isn't a long term weight-loss fix. But it is a great way to nourish your skin, and firm and tighten it as well. I plan on wrapping my thighs next to see what I do about this extra jiggling going on there.

Want it? Get it!

A big thanks again to Christin Ingold Funderburk for allowing me the opportunity to check out her product. I can't wait to purchase a new pack and see what other products It Works has available. You can find Christin directly through this website.

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