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Craft Your Thanksgiving: DIY Thankful Wreath

Year after year we celebrate Thanksgiving with turkey and stuffing, using the day to celebrate with family and friends.  We give a blessing over dinner about what we are thankful for, but forget we have something to be thankful for every day.  This year we will be doing thankful wreaths.  It was something I saw on pinterest.  The steps are easy and most parents of school aged kids have all the tools to do it at home already.

What you will need
Construction paper in brown, red, orange, and green.
Glue Stick

Draw shapes of leaves on the construction paper and cut them out. Use this handy leaf template.
In marker write each of the things you are grateful for.
Connect the leaves by gluing them together
Cut a small hole and loop in the string to hang

Show your kids that every day is something to be thankful for.  Show them that each person, place, thing, or situation is something to learn from and be grateful for.  What are you grateful for?

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