Brighten Your Favorite Barbecue Master's Day with the Zeust Power Bright Barbecue Grill Light #MBPHGG16

Thank you Kuisiware for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared below are my own.

It might be the middle of November, but as long as there is no snow on the ground (and sometimes even if there is), it's still "grilling season". The cold weather isn't much of a deterrent for our family when it comes to barbecue. In fact, the only downside about grilling during the colder months is that it gets much darker earlier, and our outdoor lights do not illuminate much of the yard, especially the area where our grill is. 

Get a Great Grill Light and Support a Great Cause!

Thankfully, we recently had a chance to work with Kuisiware and to check out their Zeust Power Bright Barbecue Grill Light. This grill light has 10 "super bright" LED lights, which offer up quite a bit of light for your grill. It installs onto the grill handle via an adjustable screw clamp and will fit onto round, oval, or square handles with a maximum diameter/width of 1.45 inches (3.7cm). 

The grill light came with 3 AA batteries (and the small screwdriver to access the battery port) and can provide up to 18 hours of power, which can be extended to 50 hours, when you use the auto turn-off feature. We also received a great little grilling book. 

Batteries and Screwdriver

Grilling Book with 101 Tips 

Want It? Get It!

I can tell that the Zuest Grill Light is going to be a much used and appreciated tool for this year-round grilling family and would make the perfect holiday gift for your year-round (or seasonal) barbecue master. Thanks to our friend Raine at Kuisiware, MBP readers can receive $5 off of the regular price of the Zeust Barbecue Grill Light with the coupon code: MBPLITE5 from now until January 31, 2017.
You can connect with Kuisiware on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to join the VIP Club for the chance to receive free gifts and discounts. You might even get selected to be a part of their beta testers group to try soon to be released product for free, in exchange for your feedback! 

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