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Bespoke Items To Make Your Home Shine

Everyone wants to be unique, to have that little bit of difference to the rest of humanity. This is especially the case regarding our homes, we all want our homes to look great, but not only great, unique. With Christmas coming we’re all likely to get many a visitor, so check out some bespoke items which can really make your home shine.

Get That Piece Of Art

It can be expensive, granted. But by getting a bespoke work of art, especially if it's one of a kind, you know not many others will have it. This gives your house that unique professional look. You can even get something specially made to coincide with your current decor, be it furniture a painting or ornamentation of some kind. Just be sure whatever your commissioning doesn’t clash with things you already have and want to keep. It is also wise to consider how you’re going to light your new bespoke art so that everyone can see it, make it a focal point. Some great lighting can be found at Amonson Lighting Online Store.

Change Your Home

There are many things you can do to change your home, but don’t do anything you’ll regret in a few years. Building a homely treehouse or outer cabin can give you that extra bit of space whilst also keeping the children happy. The same can be said of swimming pools or hot tubs, just remember these are expensive and don’t always increase the value of your home. You can even add some eye catching secret passageways or wine cellars to your home which are sure to attract attention and keep people talking long after they’ve gone home.

Make It Personal

If you’ve got kids they’re likely always bringing home arts and crafts from school, save them. Then, when you’ve got enough make them into some form of collage. You can even use them to decorate your tree, giving your home that personal touch ensures it's always looking fresh, and it’ll keep your kids happy. If you’re arty you can make something truly unique, if you draw then frame some of your better illustrations, it really adds class and showcases your talent.

Put Your Books To Work

If you’ve got a huge collection of books and need somewhere to store them then you can make them into a great feature. Try displaying them under your stairs, if you use the under stair area for shelving you can stack them with books. Or you can put them in colour order on floating shelves, by doing this people will think them simple decorations but on closer inspection see them for what they really are.  You can even form spare books into a Christmas tree shape ready for the holidays or stack them for use as a convenient side table. Place a row atop your mantle piece to give your home that academic feel, with these here there will always be something to talk about with new guests. There are many ways to utilise books.

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  1. We have lived in our current home for 3 years & it still needs help, lol. There have been illnesses (my Mom) & other things that took priority over decorating, but it needs something.


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