10 days of Random Acts of Kindness Challenge from me to you!

Tis the season to be Thankful and Merry!!! I want to make a simple challenge to you...
We have 10 days left in this month. Each day, do a simple Random Act of Kindness! Ones that cost you little to no money 😊

Day 1~ Do a household chore for someone that isn't typically "your job"
Day 2~ Pick up litter in a public place
Day 3~ Tell a silly joke to make someone smile
Day 4~ At the grocery store- let someone go in front of you in line (no matter how much they have!)
Day 5~ Tape a dollar to a vending machine with a note that says "Have a treat on me! Smile and have a GREAT day!")
Day 6~ Give a Compliment to a stranger (or a friend!!)
Day 7~ CALL someone you haven't talked to in awhile to just say hello.
Day 8~Give a treat to your mail carrier
Day 9~ Smile at every person you see today!
Day 10~ Go through your kids toys with them and pick some nice ones they don't play with any longer to donate to Charity. Teach them the joy of giving!

Together, Let's work on making this world a kinder place each and every day!

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