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Toddler Time: November

Music makes the world go round! At least Mr. G's world lately and we're sharing five musical ideas for your little toddles.

do re me!

1. Homemade Instruments

We have a nice collection of instruments because we love music so, but you don't have to spend a lot of money to acquire fancy instruments. Check out these ideas for homemade maracas, guitar, drums, etc.

His "baby guitar"

2. One word: Raffi
Mr. G didn't really blossom into his musical self until I found this great (vintage!) Raffi concert. Suddenly he was obsessed with Mr. Sun, Baby Beluga, Apple & Bananas, Brush Your Teeth...all of them really. I'm not sure what it is about those timeless songs that toddlers latch on to, but I'm amazed at his ability to memorize lyrics, sing in tune, and keep the beat. All good skills for developing brains.

Singing along to Mr. Golden Sun and Raffi

3. Song Bins
We created fun bins to use for singing Old MacDonald Had a Farm (use Little People Animals, a tractor, barn toys, food, instruments - what's on your farm!) and I've Been Working on the Railroad (use wooden trains or tracks, a whistle, dress up hat, kitchenware, etc).  What songs does your family like to sing? Chances are you can collect things from around the house or inexpensive dollar store items to put together a bin that goes with a song to enhance the learning.

Kitchen utensils make music too
4. Emotions and Music
If you're happy and you know it...toddlers probably have a few other emotions in their repertoire, help them understand the emotions with these props and change up the lyrics: If you're sad and you know it...silly...surprised...mad, etc. (Link includes printable download or make your own!)

Music makes him happy and he knows it!

5. Join a Music Class
There are several nationally known classes for toddlers out there. We have been going to Music Together for about a year and I cannot recommend it enough. Kindermusik is another that might be in your area. Just take a look at this article from Kids Health about all the benefits of introducing music early.

We save the noisy stuff for class! :)
What do you like to do with your toddler?

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