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I love my monthly reviews with Shoplet.  It's so fun to see what they have to offer.  They are your online spot for anything business and school related...and I mean anything.  If you can imagine it, they probably have it.  This time I got to review the Safco Mogo Seat by Focal Upright.  It is definitely something that I can use while at school on the playground.  I have Plantar Fascitiis and sometimes my foot really hurts.  It will be nice to keep the Safeco Mogo Seat under my desk and pull it out when needed during recess.  It's perfect for me to be able to rest my foot but still be up and able to see all the children on the playground,  It's easy to snap right together and use.  Then it stores small and has it's own storage bag. This will gets lots of use.  Don't miss all that Shoplet has to offer.  

What I found inside the box.

Perfect to rest my feet for a few minutes.

And not too bad on the comfort level.

Safco Mogo Seat

Nice product

Rubber foot that keeps the seat in place.

Contoured seat cushion
Adjustable and clicks right into place.

Seat pops right off and they clamp together.

Right back in the bag for storage.

Want it? Buy it!
Head over  to check out the Safeco Mogo Seat and their huge selection of office supplies, cleaning supplies, medical supplies and office furniture.  You can also connect with them on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram

Special thanks again to my awesome Shoplet friends for allowing me to share their wonderful products with you guys!  It's always a pleasure to work with Shoplet. 

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