Remebering the Positive... Do you journal?

My Principal gave all of our staff  a 21-day challenge of journaling. I have never in my life journaled, and found it kind of odd to sit and write about myself.

The whole point of it was to "train our brains" to be more positive. She told us that small changes ripple outward and she wanted us to create a lasting positive change.

I myself, over the past few years have really worked on being a more positive person in general. Little things... Smiling more, remember the positives, and trying to see the good in all situations.

It is crazy though when you stop everyday to write something you are happy about... how quickly it all adds up and you realize what a great life you have. Even if you think it is awful, or that you are not happy... you will be amazed when you stop each day and think of something that you are thankful or grateful for.

Mine were not some big huge things everyday.... One day I wrote about how I was happy to have loads and loads of laundry. Having a plethora of laundry to do each day means my kids and my hubby and I have a plethora of clothes to wear <3 I took the household job I hate the most... doing laundry... and really thought about it and thought of what could possibly be remotely positive about stupid dirty clothes.

I would like to challenge you to this. Grab a simple composition note book... it doesn't have to be something fancy... and take some time each day to write something you are happy and grateful about it your life. At the end of 21 days you will realize you have an awful lot to smile about!

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