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Post Disney wrap-up!

As you all know, we just returned from a family trip to Disney. It was nothing short of magical. I LOVE Disney and everything about it! The sites, the smells, the cast members, the magic. Here were some of our favorite moments from our trip!!

We met Baymax. Ever since we watched Big Hero Six, we have talked out how awesome it would be to hug Baymax. Well, we did it! and it was AWESOME <3

My whole family, my parents, my brother and his family, and the 5 of us had a day at Hollywood Studios where the Force was most definitely with us!!!!

My kiddos built there own Lightsabers! (Think Master B's is big enough?!? LOL!)

We were excited to be this close as the character's walked past us to do a show. My dad, my son, and myself totally geeked out! But then this happened.....

We MET two of our favorites!! Kylo Ren truly scared my daughter! She said she was actually nervous and just agreed with everything he said. And we met CHEWBACCA! Such a cool experience!

The day ended with us attending a Star Wars themed dessert party, and watching what I do believe to be the most amazing fireworks show spectalular I have ever seen in my entire life! It was AMAZING! I have been watching it on YouTube since we have been home and I get chills every time! It left us all in awe.

We also attended Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party where there are special meet and greets, trick-or-treating, a fireworks show, and a parade.

We went simple on the "costumes" as is was HOT... Master B wanted to be "Spider-Man Mickey Mouse" so this is what we came up with. Spider-Man Mickey & Wonder Woman Minnie =)

My oldest is infatuated with The Haunted Mansion! So she got decked out in Haunted Mansion gear and almost freaked when she got to get to snap a pic with this HM Cast Member!!!

Our highlight of that evening was DEFINTLEY the Boo-to-you Parade!! It was so awesome!! We all LOVED it!!!!

I also LOVE that my almost 13 year old still gets SO much happiness out of going to meet her favorites like Buzz Lightyear and Mickey Mouse! I think this one will have as much love for Disney as I do as she gets older.

But out of all the Disney Magic, the most amazing this was being together as an entire family to celebrate my dad's 70th Birthday and watch my dad live the Disney Magic through his grandkids (and maybe even a little bit through his own kids ;) )

We spent the morning on an African Safari in Animal Kingdom where we were held up in a
"giraffe-ic jam" and it was pretty darn amazing!

Then we all got fancied up and headed out to celebrate PaPa's big day at the Yacht Club Steakhouse!

It was a PERFECT day!

Thanks for following along on our countdown to Disney all the way through our trip. I can't wait to start planning our next!! =)

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