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Little Ones Learn and Explore with Fun New ActivityToys from Manhattan Toy: #Review + #Giveway #MBPHGG16

Thank you to The Manhattan Toy Company for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

It is amazing to me how quickly Baby S is growing. She's six months old, and I can't believe how fast six months have flown. With B, my oldest, it seemed like we had forever and a day to learn and explore as he grew during his first year. Now that life is crazier than ever, I am doing everything I can to spend that same precious time with Baby S. She's discovering new and exciting things every day. At this age, she rolls over, she is trying to sit up, and is getting down the moves to begin crawling. She is a happy baby, and loves to play. Having age appropriate toys for her makes all the difference during play time. We look for toys that will stimulate her, and aid in her development.

Manhattan Toy

The Manhattan Toy Company is dedicated to the art of creative play, quality craftsmanship and the success of the national and specialty retailer. The company distributes through thousands of stores nationwide. Toys are designed, developed and manufactured with every child's safety in mind. The Manhattan Toy Company ensures that each product complies with all U.S. and European toy and safety standards.

The Manhattan Toy Company has a fabulous new collection of baby toys, and we were fortunate enough to be able to check some of those toys out. Baby S mostly has all new baby toys, as most of B's toys have been passed on. I was excited to take a peek at this newest collection of baby toys, and enjoyed selecting a few toys that I thought Baby S would enjoy.

We received this wonderful trio of baby toys from The Manhattan Toy Company!

The toys that we received were so exciting to see. I chose to try out the Winkle Red, White, and Blue ball, the Woodland Babies Felix Fox Stroller Toy, and the Click Clack Ball. I knew that these toys would all be of interest to Baby S, and I couldn't wait for her to see them and play with them. She wasn't the only one who was interested in the toys- B also wanted to check them out, and was excited to play with the toys, with his baby sister.

Meet Felix Fox, a cute and happy little guy who is super soft and friendly!

The Woodland Babies Felix Fox Stroller Toy is a wonderful choice for little ones!

Felix Fox is adorable. The plush fox is so soft. S couldn't stop rubbing the toy when I introduced it to her. The toy has a red clip, so you can easily attach it to the stroller. We have also used Felix on the carrier/car seat. Attached to the toy is a teething ring, with lots of nubbies on it. This is wonderful for Baby S, because she is teething like crazy! She loves to chew on the teething ring. There are also two other rings attached to Felix Fox. Baby S likes to grab and pull the rings. There is also a little plush ball on an elastic (covered) pully. S really loves the ball. It makes her giggle, and she likes to bring it to her mouth and suck on it as she pulls it. The soft ears of the fox crinkle when touched, and the tails jingles. There's a lot to see and touch with this toy.

Baby S, playing with Felix Fox in her stroller while we were out shopping.

We put Felix Fox to the test when we were out shopping recently. We had to go shopping for pants for school for big brother, so I knew we'd be out for a while, and S would become easily bored and fussy. We just clipped Felix Fox onto the stroller, and she was happy as a clam the entire time we were shopping (about two hours!). Thank you, Felix! This is one of the best stroller toys we have tried. Baby S loves her Felix!

Woodland Babies Felix Fox Stroller Toy

Fox fun for the little one. This playful stuffed animal fox travel toy easily attaches to links, strollers and diaper bags with a plastic linkable loop. One pull of his tail and watch as this little fox jiggles! Felix Fox Stroller Toy includes 3 plastic textured teethers, crinkle ears, a soft rattle ball, bungee cord and a pull n' jiggle tail. Encourages cause and effect learning.

Ages 0+
Measures 6.5L x 7H x 3W in
Measures 16.5L x 17.8H x 7.6W cm
Surface wash only
This product meets or exceeds EN71 and CPSIA safety regulations


The Click Clack Ball is one of my favorite toys from the toy grouping we received!

I am always on the lookout for fun activity toys for Baby S. We spend a lot of time down on the floor, playing and exploring shapes, colors, textures, and sounds. S has a few soft balls, but the Click Clack Ball is so much more than just a colorful ball.

The Click Clack Ball features multiple tiny handles that turn and click and clack. S can't quite turn the handles herself just yet, but she loves watching us turn them, and then hearing the clicking noises as a result. The ball is very colorful, and all of the handles are different colors, as well. The handles make the ball easy for S to grasp. The handles all have nubbies on them, so S likes the gum the handles. Again, this is a great activity toy for a teething baby. The ball has beads inside of it, so it rattles when it moves.

Baby S, exploring her Click Clack Ball from The Manhattan Toy Company.

S loves to pick the Click Clack Ball up and chew on the handles.

The only thing that I would advise to watch for with this toy, is that is is a hard toy. S has dropped it a couple of times on her little face. She hasn't been hurt by it, just became upset for a second. She has plenty of other hard toys, such as rattles, etc., that do the same thing if she loses her grip. Just make sure that you stay close to baby when they're laying on the floor, and holding the toy to their mouths or above their heads. We think this toy is colorful and a lot of fun. We play with it several times throughout the day.

Click Clack Ball

The colorful Click Clack Ball features handles that click with every twist. Filled with tiny beads inside, this baby ball also rattles when shaken. Perfect for infant stimulation!

Ages 0 months+
Measures 4.5L x 4.5H x 4.5W in
Measures 11.4L x 11.4H x 11.4W cm
Surface wash only
This product meets or exceeds EN71 and CPSIA safety regulations


Which ball to play with? Decisions, decisions!

Our other new favorite toy is the Winkel Red, White and Blue Ball! This ball is so much fun! It's very patriotic in its coloring, and it's flexible and easy for S to grab onto. The thin tubes are perfect for teething babies! S loves to pick the Winkel ball up and bite on it. She can grab it from all angles, and easily grasp it if for some reason it begins to fall from her hands. The ball has a blue cube with tiny stars in the very middle, which contains a little rattle. The Winkel can be placed into the fridge for cooling, so it soothes baby's gums. I keep this ball in our fridge and give it to S when she's fussy. She's really teething, and the Winkel ball gives her relief while she plays with it.

The colorful Winkel ball is the perfect choice for an activity toy! It's a toy, teether, and rattle in one!

S loves to hold onto the Winkel and chew it. Teething babies will love this toy!

The Winkel Red, White, and Blue

The Winkel teether rattle is a must have for newborns and teething babies. Tactile tubes are spun into a shape perfect for little hands to grasp and shake. Can be safely refrigerated for a cooling, soothing teether. Made of pu tubing (polyurethane) and as such does not contain BPA or PVC and meets the CPSC and European requirements for phthalates.

Ages 0+
Measures 5L x 3.5H x 4W in
Measures 12.7L x 8.9H x 10.2W cm
Surface wash only
This product meets or exceeds EN71 and CPSIA safety regulations


It's easy to see why The Manhattan Toy Company has won so many awards for their innovative toys for babies and kids. We have a lot of baby toys, but these are among our favorites. We're going on vacation in a couple of weeks, and these toys will definitely be coming along with us. I can see S enjoying these toys on our car ride, and once we reach our destination.

If you're looking for fun new baby toys to gift for the holidays, or for a baby shower, check out all of these awesome baby toys from The Manhattan Toy Company!

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Want them? Get them!

One lucky MBP reader will win their choice of  on of the following Manhattan Toy Co. toys:
Winkel Red, White and Blue
Click Clack Ball
Jellybean Animal or Dino
Woodland Babies Foot Finder & Rattle Set
Woodland Babies Small Plush Toy
Woodland Babies Bellamy Bunny Musical Pull
Woodland Babies Felix Fox Stroller Toy

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