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Giving Back at our Giving Parties....#actsofkindness

I have written a post about Giving Parties that my school does before,  but I am just so proud of my kids and what they learn from these parties.  I just had to share our first party of the year.  Our Community Service partner was Rowan Helping Ministries and our party was planned around the Food Bank.  We had stations that the children rotated through.  In one station, the children decorated bags while listening to the book 'Uncle Willie and the Soup Kitchen'.  One of the other stations was assembling a bean soup mix that we donated to the Food Bank.  The children all took turns adding ingredients to the soup mix.  At the end of the party, we all came together and celebrated the children we were celebrating with birthdays in August, September and October by singing Happy Birthday.  They got to open all the gifts that had been brought in but they didn't get to keep them.  You would not believe the excitement that these 4 and 5 year olds got from opening food.  We had talked up until the party about how lucky we are to go home and have food in our refrigerator and how some children went home and have empty refrigerators.  These parties give us the opportunity to celebrate our birthday children while teaching them to help in our community at the same time.  We always pick Community Partners that we think the children can relate to.  

On the scale to be weighed.

Wow!  That's a lot of food.

I love my school and the fact that we are able to help those in our community that are less fortunate.  These kids that we are teaching are our future.

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  1. this is a great idea. Id love to start something similar with my family


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