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We had a fabulous birthday party for my son last weekend. He really wanted a TMNT themed party, and wanted to have a pinata for all of his friends to take turns whacking. I think pinatas are fun, but they just aren't safe, and they can also make a big mess. The last thing I want to deal with at a party is a child getting hit with the pinata stick. I was excited to learn about Goodie Gusher, a safe alternative to a pinata!
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Goodie Gusher is so much fun! It's a tall cylinder that has a fun themed design on the outside. Lucky for us, they had a TMNT themed Goodie Gusher, which was perfect for B's party! The Goodie Gusher is easy to use. It comes pre-assembled, so all you have to do is take it out of the box, and prep it for the celebration. We slid our TMNT Goodie Gusher out of the box, and took a look at it. It had a base, a lid, a sturdy string and a hook for hanging. It also came with 30 'keys'. 

All we had to do was insert the TMNT keys into the designated key slots on the sides of the Goodie Gusher. B actually had a lot of fun helping his daddy do this part. After the keys were inserted, we filled the Goodie Gusher up with candy.

My hubby, gathering the boys to check out the Goodie Gusher at B's birthday party.

We sat the Goodie Gusher on the table in the parlor, and all of the boys were intrigued, wanting to know that it was. When we told them that it was like a pinata, and that they had to take turns pulling out the TMNT keys to unlock the goodies, they went crazy with excitement! They couldn't wait to play with it!

The only downside to the Goodie Gusher (with little kids- we had a group of 5-6 year-olds), was that my hubby had to hold it over the table while the boys removed the keys. If we had hung it up in a doorway, the boys wouldn't have been able to reach the Goodie Gusher, as the cord to hang it wasn't long enough. No big deal, though- it wasn't heavy, and he didn't mind holding it.

The boys took turns pulling out the TMNT keys to unlock the goodies inside of the Goodie Gusher!

After the magic key was pulled by one of the kids, the goodies gushed from the bottom of the Goodie Gusher, onto the table and floor! The boys made a mad dash to gather up all of the candy!

The Goodie Gusher was such a hit at B's party! He and his friends absolutely loved it! The parents thought it was awesome, too. They loved the idea of everyone being able to take a turn to unlock the goodies, instead of having everyone try to hit something with stick, and being blindfolded. I was glad to have this, because one little boy at the party didn't like having his eyes covered (I learned this during another game we played), so he felt secure and was able to take his turn with the Goodie Gusher, too!

Goodie Gusher _ Children

How To Play:

To get the party popping, just fill the Goodie Gusher with candy and prizes, hang it up and let the fun begin. Kids will take turns trying to select the Magic Key, which builds anticipation and excitement.

Once the Magic Key is pulled it will automatically release a wide shower of party treats for the kids to enjoy!  
Features & Benefits:

Easy to fill & easy to hang
Works every-time with 2-15 players 
Use indoor or outdoor
Super safe and fun for all ages
Refillable to keep the party going
A different Magic Key each time

There are lots of other themes available in the Goodie Gusher, too!

Goodie Gusher _Halloween Activity

Goodie Gusher_Christmas Activity

Goodie Gusher _ Girl

The Goodie Gusher is your key to party fun! We loved using this, and will definitely use it again! I love that there are generic Goodie Gushers for parties and celebrations, as well as themed Goodie Gushers for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc. These are perfect for parties, are reusable, and are a great value! If you're planning a birthday, Halloween or Christmas party with kids, you'll definitely want to consider the Goodie Gusher!

Want it? Get it!

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