Friends Make the World a Better Place #ActsofKindness

What a weekend we had! B turns six this Tuesday, and we wanted to give him a really great birthday party this past weekend. He's had so much adjusting to do with a new baby sister at home, and transitioning to kindergarten this year, we wanted him to have a day that was all about him. We planned to have his party at Dan Nicholas Park, a huge county park with a train ride, carousel, animal exhibits, mini gold, and more. I didn't plan activities for the party, because there were so many things to do at the park. We invited his whole class from school, and had about six of the boys RSVP, plus a few boys that are friends from church. In total, we had 10 boys for the party.

NC was pounded by wind and rain from Hurricane Matthew over the weekend. On Thursday, we realized that we'd either have to postpone the party, or make alternate plans. I didn't want to disappoint B, and his grandma graciously opened up her home for us to have the party at. I had no plan for food or games- we were simply going to have cake at the park. I had less than 48 hours to plan a party for 10 boys and pull it out of my behind.

Ninja Turtle Power!

Ninja Turtle Foot Solider Balloon Pop Game!

My hubby really stepped up and helped me pull this one off. B wanted a TMNT party, so we grabbed decorations from Walmart, and added them to the ones I already had from Oriental Trading Co. We raided Dollar Tree and cleaned them out of foam ninja swords, nunchucks and throwing stars. We planned a few sill games, like Pin the Mask on the Ninja Turtle, and Foot Solider Balloon Pop.

Great group of boys- best friends!


Despite the rain, all of the boys and their families came out to the party, and the boys had the best time! B had a wild time running around and playing ninjas with his friends. Those boys are so, so wild, and my mom said that I was brave for throwing a party for that many wild boys. I guess as a boy mom I was phased by it. I love that B has so many awesome little friends. They are great kids, and they have some pretty awesome parents, too! I know we made the right choice by sending B to a Christian school this year. It makes me so happy to see him doing what little boys are supposed to do- playing, learning, laughing, and having fun!

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