Family Meal Planning Made Easier with Tastefully Simple

Now that school and sports are back in full swing, our evenings in the Jones household have become more hectic and crunched for time. I have been trying to combat some of the craziness by implementing a meal plan into my routine. However what should not take more than an hour or probably less was seeming to take up half of my Saturday to plan and shop for. I was given an opportunity to work with Heather Quinion Greene from Tastefully Simple, and was thrilled to find a package delivered to my house containing the Family Faves Meal Collection. Otherwise known as my solution to easy meal planning for the next two weeks!

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The Family Faves Collection includes 8 different products, 10 family friendly recipe cards, and drum roll please... a full shopping list! My particular box included Aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Brown Sugar Honey Mustard, Classy Chocolate Pound Cake, Garden Guacamole Starter, Garlic Garlic Seasoning, Mama Mia Marinara Sauce Mix, Spinach and Herb Seasoning, and Roasted Garlic Infused Oil... can we say yum? The recipe cards coincided with these products, and cut back on the amount of sauces and oils I needed to purchase. The recipe cards were also super kid friendly, always a win in this house. Seriously- what kid doesn't want to eat spaghetti, or sweet and sticky drumsticks?

So for my first jump into Tastefully Simple recipes I chose the Ham and Cheese Stromboli. It looked yummy, and easy. The fact that I had my eye on the Brown Sugar Honey Mustard since I pulled it out of the box may also have influenced that decision.

Definitely family friendly yumminess right here.

Another big hit was the Easy Spaghetti Skillet. One of those magical recipes that calls for a whopping 6 ingredients, and only uses 1 pan. Yes please! By the time I remembered to get my camera out for this one, it was gone. Not even leftovers for lunch.

Now with all of my good intentions, I still managed to fall off the wagon with my meal planning. However I still had all of these amazing yummy mixes and oils to use on hand. I've had a ton of fun using the Garlic Garlic seasoning on chicken, and in pastas. The garlic infused olive oil has also been a yummy addition to salad dressing, and sautéing. I love the fact that you can use the recipes if you're in a dinner rut, but there's also more than enough to add into your own recipes as well.

 I've used all of these in pastas and salads!

Great on sandwiches... especially dressing up a grilled cheese.

Want it? Get it!

I would definitely recommend this for the busy mom who is trying to get in the swing of things with dinner routine. As well as the mom like me who thinks they are going to plan it out, but sometimes wings it. For $69.95, you get a nice variety of oils and mixes that you can use in a variety of ways. Thanks again to Heather Greene with Tastefully Simple for the opportunity to check out her products.

~Shaun Marie~

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