Celebrate National Apple Month in October with Bare Apple Chips

I use the phrase "An apple a day keeps the doctor away" a lot at school.  I usually say it when children unpack an apple from there lunchbox at school.  I love apples and I love these crunchy apple chips from Bare.  I didn't even know that October was National Apple Month, but that's just another excuse to eat more apples.  Apple pies are my all time favorite and my sister in law makes the best at Thanksgiving...I'm already waiting for it next month.  There are many ways to eat apples.  I like them about any way they can be eaten.  A child in my class brought an apple snack a couple weeks ago and I wish I had gotten a picture.  It was so pretty and so good.  They had used a corer and sliced the apples.  They spread cream cheese on them and added sprinkles.  They were called apple cookies and even my picky kids loved them.  There are so many great apple recipes, whether it's used in an appetizer, side dish, entree or dessert.  And apples aren't just for eating.  They smell amazing and I used some of these Bare Chips to make my house smell so good.  I added them to water in a pot on my stove and just had it on low all afternoon.  My house smelled delicious and when my husband came in from work he asked what I had been baking.  We have also dried apples out at school before and used them on a necklace when we have our Native American Pow Wow.  Take some time this October and enjoy a crunchy, juicy apple.  If you have never tried Bare Apple Chips then you are missing out!!  Give them a try.  You will be glad that you did!

A box of deliciousness!

A great mixture of flavors.

These are cinnamon apple chips.  

Simmering on my stove!

Want it?  Buy it!
Head on over to Bare and check out these delicious treats.  You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.  

Special thanks to my friends from Bare for allowing me to share about National Apple Month.  It's been a delicious pleasure to work with you!

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