Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Time to Relax

Happy Saturday! I am relieved that this weekend is going to be filled with plenty of opportunity to just relax. D doesn't have any soccer games scheduled for the weekend (although she does have to do a "bucket fundraiser" a little later) and R isn't signed up for anything yet. 

Even though this past week was only 4 days long, it was a pretty long 4 days. R was in school full days, we had our church group in the middle of the week, and D had a soccer game (the same day we had church group) and school play try-outs (the following day) that kept her at school until 5pm! 

The girls are doing well, but this Mom is pretty tired from all the running. I know all this activity is going to increase in the years to come, so if any of you fellow Mommas have advice on how to not feel so overwhelmed, please share! 

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