Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Thank Goodness for the 3 Day Weekend!

I am always so grateful for Saturdays, but since this week was an especially tiresome one, I am 
SO GLAD for today. 

This last week was back to school week, and I tend to dread "back to school" because I really just enjoy having both kiddos home and spending time with them. This year, both of the girls are in school, so you can probably just imagine how I feel about that. 

Monday, D started school. She's in fourth grade now, so I didn't cry, even though I always miss her like crazy. On Tuesday, R started school. This is her first year (Pre-K) and even though I thought I was going to be okay (and she totally was) I cried the entire ride back home.

Aside from all of the emotions, I think the hardest part of this week has been the schedule. We are up a bit earlier to get both girls ready for school. Luckily they attend the same school, but R has been on the "transition schedule" with the rest of her classmates, so I was basically dropping both girls off, coming home to work, leaving about an hour and a half later to pick her up, coming home to feed her lunch, leaving about another hour and a half later to pick up my nephew (he's in High School which is close to the girls' school), bringing him home, then going back another hour later to pick up D. Hopefully next week, when everyone is on their normal schedule, things will be less draining. 

Today, even though I had to wake up early to set up for a vendor show, I am enjoying a small break from the school schedule craziness.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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