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Toddlers Learn While Playing With Edushape

Thank you to Edushape for providing me with product, in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
When you have multiple children, it's important to spend one-on-one time with each of them. Having your undivided attention helps them feel secure and cherished. It also helps you both build special memories. Unfortunately, finding that time in our busy lives can sometimes be difficult. I was lucky to get some with my youngest daughter recently, and used it to introduce her to some fun, new toys!

Edushape Ltd. is a family owned and operated company dedicated to making learning fun. Focused on educational toys that are safe for children aged 0-5. Their products are made of high quality materials in eye-catching colors, loved by parents and kids alike.

New bag of Space Links

I received a package of Edushape Space Links to review. The links are a colorful, chunky plastic building material. Each set contains 36 pieces in a reusable storage bag. I inspected the links before handing them over to A (17 months)  and felt confident that they were safe and durable enough for a young toddler.

Time to play

A was ecstatic to have a new toy all to herself! It's often hard for her to play with anything for more  then a couple minutes before her older sister tries to take it. She didn't even want me to play with her at first, and got upset when I tried! So, I let her have her space. She enjoyed taking the Space Links out one at a time then putting them back in the storage bag. She sat playing quietly for quite some time while I got some cleaning done.

Quick! Get some dishes done!

A finally let me join in on the fun, so I showed her how the links can snap together to build different shapes. She liked watching me build but wasn't quite able to do it by herself yet. I'm sure in a couple of months it will be easy for her. The shape and size is perfect for small hands to grasp. She did enjoy handing me pieces to add to my creation, and I had a great time building.

Trying to connect the pieces

This one next, mom!

Some of our creations

After a while, I could tell A was ready for a nap. So, I had her help clean up the Space Links. The zippered bag is my personal favorite feature- I love when toys come with their own storage solution! It helps keep the pieces organized and teaches kids to tidy up. I was surprised that upon waking, A went straight for the Edushapes bag and had a blast carrying it around our apartment.
Clean up

She loves this bag!

Since we still had a little more time before her sister got home, we sat together and played some more. I showed her how to sort by color then counted each pile aloud. I can see that the Space Links have many educational benefits and will get a lot of use in our home!

Sorting by color

Sister is home!

N building her own creations

Stacking to make train tracks

Smooth, bright and fun to hold, kids have such a great time with these big chubby links. Make a chain, a house or a free-form design. Pull them apart and start over again. So many possibilities expand the imagination and reward young creative minds! Open-ended play for boys and girls For color matching, motor skills, thinking skills Visual development, hand-eye coordination.

Edushape Space Links are a wonderful learning toy. Since they are great for open-ended play, any toddler can find a way to make them their own. They are a perfect choice for any parent that wants to provide a quiet activity that their kids will love.

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Edushape to learn more about their awesome educational products. Connect with Edushape on Facebook and Instagram.

Special thanks to Edushape for allowing me to share about their awesome building toy!

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