Tip Tuesday.... Nothing freaks me out more than LICE! So here is a tip i learned to help keep it AWAY!

I work in a school. As I walked out the door one day, someone said... There are 2 kids with lice. My thought.... "$@!*... Happy Back to school!" =(

I am a momma to 3 kiddos... and the thought of lice scares me half to death! I just happened to have a hair appointment to get my hair done... so I chatted with my stylist, and told her how freaked out by lice I was. She told me she SWEARS by Tea Tree Oil Shampoo.

I of course sat there on my phone in the salon researching it.... and low and behold there all sorts of articles about Tea Tree oil deterring lice. Some people get the actual oil and put it in their shampoo they use on a regular basis.

Tea Tree Oil shampoos have other uses too. Tea tree shampoo is used to treat scalp conditions such as dandruff and to stimulate new hair growth by clearing out old dead skin cells from hair follicles. . For a good shampoo that cleans hair thoroughly and leaves it shiny, tea tree shampoos are often recommended by salons.

My favorite part... It smells MINTY and it makes our heads almost tingly... it's like a tiny little wake up massage on our heads as we take our morning showers =) So that, coupled with the fact that EVERYTHING I read says it helps keep lice away... It is a new staple in our shower while we are all in school!

There are several different ones out there.... but she likes the Sally Beauty supply Generic brand the best, which is the one we have been using. My oldest daughter and I both have long hair... and its not knotty or tangeley. Hope you find this tip useful... I had no idea.


  1. I need to get some of these Tree Oil shampoo and use it to make sure I do not get lice. I have not had it before, but my sisters did! I will have to tell them about this shampoo.

    1. we have never had it in our house either... KNOCK ON WOOD!!! I will do anything in my power to avoid it ever coming!! LOL!

      Glad you found the tip helpful =)


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