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The Days Are Long #Motivational Monday

"The days are long, the years are short."

I have heard this quote many times since becoming a mom. Some people seem to love it, while others can't stand it; either way, you can't deny that it's true.

There's many days that I'm counting down the minutes until bedtime, and EVERY day I feel my to-do list is a mile long. Being a mom can sometimes be frustrating! When I need motivation to make it through those long days, I remind myself of this quote and look at some pictures. Seeing how fast my girls grow puts things into a different perspective. I remember how lucky I am to have this time with them, and I should cherish it. The toys all over the floor can wait to be picked up, I need to enjoy these moments!

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  1. I have to remind myself of this often. i usually think it with "this too shall pass".


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