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It's True What They Say: Kids Grow Up So Fast!

It's true what they say- kids grow up so fast. The photo above is of my five-year-old son, and my five-month-old daughter. They will be six years and six months in a few days. It seems like it was yesterday that I was holding my oldest babe in my arms- a new mom, without the slightest clue that the days and weeks would fade away so quickly. I hear a lot of new parents say that they can't wait until their babies are toddlers, or that their toddlers are kids, and can do things for themselves. My husband and I wished this, too... and guess what? It happened so fast. One day, I woke up, and my son was no longer a baby. He no longer wanted to hold my hand. He no longer needed to to help him go potty or pour a glass of milk. Sure, he still needs me for some things, but he is pretty independent, and I miss doing things for him.

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We have little sister in our lives now, which makes the time I spend with my son all the more precious. I really miss the relationship we had before S came into our lives. I mourned the loss of our relationship the weeks leaing up to her birth, because I knew that it would be different after her arrival. It's been a hard adjustment- for us as parents, and for B as a big brother. His attitude is different, and we find ourselves becoming short with him, all too quickly. We're all tired, we're all frustrated. We all love S so much, but at the same time, we miss the ways things used to be.

I know we'll get it all figured out. Everyday we're learning something new. We're learning how to juggle our time. They say that parents have more than enough love for more than one child, and although it's true- it's sometimes hard to show it. We're doing the best we can, and we know that this won't last forever. I'm doing as much as possible to spend time with B, to affirm him, and to let him know what a great kid he is, and how loved he is. He starte kindergarten this year, so it's been another big transition for us.

Baby S, trying to sit up on her own.

Baby S, exploring her new toys.

I am soaking up every minute of S' baby days. She's our last baby. I could sit and breastfeed her forever, and I wish I could freeze time while I do so. I know that I will never have this experience again, and I will miss it once it's over. I'm taking a ridiculous amount of pictures, because I want to have them to look at when my kids are grown. I don't know how much time the four of us will have together- forever doesn't even seem like enough. No one knows what tomorrow will bring, so I try to make the most of every day we have together... each day is a gift, and I thank God for this amazing family that He has blessed me with.

How will you make time to enjoy your family?

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