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How to Prepare for the Worst Case Senerio in Your Car

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No one wants to think of disaster striking while they're on the road. Chances are, it's unlikely that anything major will happen while you're on the road, but it's best to be prepared should the unthinkable happen.

One of the best ways to prepare for an unlikely event surrounding your vehicle, is to have a roadside survival kit in the car with you at all times. Should you wind up stranded somewhere, you'll have everything you need to survive for a period of time until you are able to receive help. You can purchase premade survival kits at various retailers, or you can easily make one yourself. Your kit should include a warm blanket (make sure it's clean), a flashlight, batteries, a phone charger, and non-perishable food and bottled water. Try not to let bottled water become over-heated in the car- this water isn't good for you to drink if it becomes hot.

In the event that you find yourself in an automobile accident (no matter the scale), you will want to have important documents and papers with you. Make sure these papers are accessible. A good place to store them would be in a file folder, inside of your glove compartment. It's a good idea to keep the glove compartment locked. Most cars have a glove compartment that locks with a small key, which is specific to the vehicle. In some cases the main key to the car also unlocks the glove compartment.

Papers to keep with you:
Copy of the car's warranty
Registration information
Insurance information
Auto club membership information
Mechanic's information
Emergency contact list

If you're going to be traveling in inclement weather, or during a season when inclement weather is likely to occur, take precautions. Bring along de-icer and an ice scraper for wintry weather situations. If you'll be traveling near a body of water (if you have to cross bridges, etc), a glass breaker is a great idea. A life vest might also be a good idea. Keep these items where they can be easily reached in the event of an emergency.

If you do find yourself in a bad situation and need assistance (and are unharmed), move your vehicle off to the side of the road. A shoulder will give you plenty of room to move away from other vehicles and call for assistance. Use your caution lights (flashers) if you are pulled to the side of the road and are waiting for help.

Make sure that someone you trust has a spare key to your car in the event that you lock yourself out. You can also put a magnetic key hider on your car, and keep a spare there.

Following these steps will help to keep you safe if you wind up in an emergency situation while on the road.

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